Sunday, June 25, 2017

Reflections on the Gospel reading

Today’s gospel reading (Matthew 10:24-39) is a continuation of last week.  Jesus is sending the disciples out to preach the good news in neighboring towns.  This is still part of the teaching and instructions before they leave.  He encourages them to be like him, and what he has taught them in secret, they are now to go out and proclaim it to all they meet.  They are not to be afraid of people who come up against them.  When they proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, there are people who will take exception and argue with them.  It might even be family members who work against you.  

But through it all you are to remember that God considers you precious in his sight and He will be with you.  The same is true for us, also.  It doesn’t really matter whether it is family members, friends or strangers, there are people who will not agree with us.  And it doesn’t have to be about God - people will take exception over religion, or sports, or politics or even about what is a good place to eat. Arguments will happen, friendships will be strained, but through it all, we are to remember that we belong to God.  We are made in his image and are his forever.  He will give us strength to meet the needs of the day, to find solutions for working together and he will be with us through it all