Friday, October 28, 2016

Reflection from Habakkuk

The first part of our lesson from Habakkuk is something of a lament.  Habakkuk is lamenting the destruction he sees coming into the land at the hands of the Babylonians, and he is bold enough to ask God why he has not taken care of the problems.  This means that we also can be bold enough to go to God when problems arise, both in our nation and the world, and when problems arise in our individual lives.  We also can cry out to God, for answers and for relief.

Habakkuk stations himself on the rampart - the watchpost to keep watch for the Lord - waiting for an answer to his complaint.  The Lord tells him, it's okay.  The Lord has heard the complaint and assures Habakkuk that the answer will come.  He is told to wait patiently for the hand of the Lord to move.  The time will come when all will be made right and our God will be seen as Lord of all.  He gives hope for the future.

I feel somewhat like Habakkuk.  I cry out to the Lord for the future of our nation.  I know that regardless of who wins this election, we are in for a rough and contentious 4 years. May God's mercy pour out on us and as followers of Jesus Christ, I ask everyone to pray for our nation and for its leaders; not telling God how to solve the problems, but asking him to work through whatever circumstances arise